The Bird’s Eye View

Imagine if you could run an accurate solar panel or wind turbine inspection in the middle of a remote rural area without having to climb up scaffoldings or getting down a rope — only 50 times faster, and from a safe distance.

This is what today’s visual inspections look like, where a drone can easily fly around and over a company’s asset to collect a multitude of data – thermal, zoom, visual imagery, lidarn phottogrammetry, …

Gone are the days where teams needed to go through the time-consuming rigmarole of erecting scaffolding across a vast stretch of terrain to inspect utility poles. Once the drone inspection is underway, the automatic process enables operators to collect accurate, reliable, and more importantly, repeatable data for future missions.

For facilities and utility inspections where each minute counts, a quicker drone deployment reduces operational downtime, often enabling inspections to be conducted without the asset going off-grid and preventing companies from losing revenue.

It’s a no brainer, win-win situation.