We offer high quality inspections by combining multiple benefits:

  • Reduce Risk: The inspection team no longer has to be put into potentially dangerous situations, such as working at height. The drone can collect the data for you, with your staff safely on the ground and away from hazardous areas.
  • Cut Costs: Drones save money in many ways – from requiring less manpower through to removing the need to erect scaffolding or pay for a cherry picker.
  • Minimise Downtime: Keep operations and assets open and running while critical inspections are conducted. Reducing, or even removing downtime, can save huge amounts of money.
  • Increase Efficiency: Drone inspections dramatically increase the amount of time it takes to inspect an asset, or assets.
  • More Inspections: Generally speaking, a drone inspection provides a more cost-effective and efficient inspection solution – enabling more frequent checks. This in turn means that any problems can be identified and remedied a lot quicker.
  • Better Data: Drones collect quality data, which can be archived to create a detailed record of an asset’s lifecycle. Drones can conduct automated, repeatable missions, ensuring the data is consistent each time – especially vital for regular and comparative checks.
  • Versatility: Certain drones, like the M300 RTK, can be integrated with a range of different payloads to collect a variety of data, such as thermal, zoom, and LiDAR. In the case of the M300 RTK and H20T payload, utilise the camera’s quad-sensor array of thermal, wide angle, zoom and laser rangefinder, to maximise data collection and increase mission efficiency

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