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TOPO4D is a fast growing business focused on (drone) mapping and inspection services. More info
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From land surveying with drones to asset management, we offer a complete user friendly solution

Drone mapping and inspections

TOPO4D.com is a fast growing company focused on drone land surveying and inspections for the energy industry, construction, and offshore market. We help our clients to assess the condition of their assets, and presenting it in a user friendly way so that they can make smart decisions based on evidence rather than guessing. Our AI algorithm's are trained by experienced inspectors for a long time in order to produce semi automated visual reports for our clients.

Operating Area

We currently operate in Europe. Businesses outside of Europe may require additional travel expenses, but it's worth every penny. Please contact us for more details.

Our Team

Who We Are

With hundreds of hours in flight, our unique operational approach is solidly rooted in a decade of professional experience. Our experience & strength lies in our diverse background in construction, 3d mapping, architecture, creativity, photography and programming. 


Vanden Avenne Guillaume

Guillaume is a licensed land-surveyor and drone-pilot. He is well trained and has a lot of experience in the construction industry. His problem solving mindset & "boots on the ground" work ethic is a big advantage in the field.


We are currently looking for (independent) land surveyors and drone-pilots located in Belgium, or beyond in order to scale our company to the next level.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“We had so much fun during the day of our meeting. The project turned out to be a real treasure for us because of your amazing job! I will recommend you to everyone!”

Matt Gilbert

“What I really liked was the quality of the device, the individual approach and the amazing atmosphere that we had during shooting the footage! Thank you a lot”

Tom Parker

“I appreciate your amazing services and professional staff for all your hard work and creative thinking! It was fun, and I hope to work with you again soon!”

Nicky Johnson

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